W.L. Pohl:
Economic Geology, Principles and Practice: Metals, Minerals, Coal and Hydrocarbons
— an Introduction to Formation and Sustainable Exploitation of Mineral Deposits

Second edition published 2020

e-Book Version of EG2 (2020) December 10, 2022

An e-book version (PDF) of EG2 was published in 2021.

Schweizerbart, however, only sell the paper books. Apparently, they leased the sale of the ebook (PDF) version of EG2 (2020) to several German distributors and to at least one international shop:


Ebooks.com has outlets in Australia, UK, USA and probably sells globally.

From ebooks.com, I bought my copy of EG2. After the common procedure, they link to the free reader Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), which on my laptop provides wonderful images of text and coloured images, and apart from many other functions, a handy search facility that is essential for serious scientific work. Although this would be included in the license, I do not intend to download EG2 onto my i-phone.

Nota bene:

NOTA BENE: Take care, however; several websites (among them Amazon) offer e-books of the 1st (EG1 edited by Wiley 2011), not the second edition of Economic Geology (EG2). The cover image must be El Laco volcano, Chile (EG2); do not choose (except intentionally) the talc deposit Trimouns in France of EG1.

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