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Passive Systems for Acid Mine Drainage Treatment (open access paper)

Adakites and Cu–Au–Te Deposits (novel insights)

Antimony Traces in Mine Water: Contaminant or Resource? (open access paper)

Anthropocene: the Earth on the Path to a Hothouse? (open access paper)

Arsenic in Groundwater: A Global Poison Threat (open access paper)

Bauxite in China: Mantle Plume Related?

Carbon Dioxide Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) from Air and Ultramafic-Hosted Magnesite (open access paper)

Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (Tunis 2018)

Diamond Large Crystals Formed from Metallic Melt Deep in the Mantle

Gemstone Science Revolution: the Supercritical Hydrous Fluid/Melt (SHF-M) Phases

Geoethics and the International Association for Promoting Geoethics (AIPG)

Geofluids: Excellent New Book (2017): Hurai et al. 2016

Digital Geological Mapping Innovation

El Laco Fe: Orthomagmatic or Magmatic-Hydrothermal?

Lateral Secretion, a Viable Ore-forming Process?

Lid Tectonics Ruling the Earth System for 2 Billion Years (open access paper

Limestone Saving Us from Run-away Climate? (open access paper)

Limits to Growth Falsified (open access paper)

Lithium Pegmatite Fields without Parental Granites (Austria)

Magma Fertility in Porphyry Cu–Au Exploration (open access paper)

Magnesite Deposits in South Australia Marine Sedimentary?

Magnesite, Dolomite: New Insights (open access paper)

Magnetite Genesis Illuminated by Triple Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry (open access paper)

Melt Inclusions (the Neglected Stage in Gem Formation)

Messinian Salt Flow Beneath the Eastern Mediterranean

Metallogeny Professorship in Canada Open (published 2019)

Mineral System Analysis in Prospectivity Mapping (open access paper

Mine Water Management (open access paper)

Mine Water Solutions (open access paper)

Mining, Ophiolites, CO2 and Climate Change

Nickel Demand Rising for E-Vehicle Batteries

Nobel Brothers: Robert, Ludwig and Alfred, Caucasian-Caspian Oil

Australian Ore Deposits Book (Philips ed. 2017): Monumental!

'Origins, How The Earth Made Us' (Lewis Dartnell 2019). Book Review

'Orogenic Gold System' by Damien Gaboury (2019, open access paper)

Sea-floor Pockmark Fields: Offshore Norway and Atlantic Brazil (open access paper)

Prospectivity Modelling: Essence and Limitations

Mount Weld Rare Earth Element (REE) Mine

Subsalt Oil and Gas Atlantic Offshore Eldorado

Tsavorite in East Africa (Gem Quality Vanadium Grossular): Melt Inclusions

World Energy Statistical Review by BP (2019, published annually in June) (open access)

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